We have a wide assortment of mechanical parts for the older series Lathes and Mills & Milling machines.

Including machines types:

  • SL-0
  • SL-1
  • SL-2
  • SL-3
  • SL-4
  • SL-5
  • SL-6
  • SL-7
  • SL-8
  • TL-3
  • TL-5
  • ZL-15
  • MV-JR
  • MV-35
  • MV-45
  • MH-40

Shown is the older wholesale price but if you see a item interested please make a offer as we will typically not refuse a within reason offer.

There are gears and shafts for the headstock / transmission, tool holders for the turrets, pulleys for the idler shafts (Mori SL and TL series) Nuts to mate with the turret shaft as they typically get damaged during a turret alignment, There are several pistons that are used within the turret and some are considered as lock pins when indexing the turret. There are several collars listed an most are spacers for shafts used within the headstock and some even have a laberith within. Some of the miscellaneous item include geneva wheels geneva stars for the turret, tool pots and other items.

Several of these parts can cure that noisy headstock / transmission, that wiggling, loose turret, or bent out of alignment tool post along with oversized shimmed tooling, leaky cylinders within the turret.

Dealers do you have a used Mori Seiki lathe or mill that no one wants because of a simple chiped tooth in the headstock. We may have the gear to fix and get that old Mori Seiki out the door.

Have a SL-7 Mori Seiki with those old Sharp sequence controllers, Did you know the flaw as you can shift from M41 to M42 without stopping the spindle.

It makes a loud grinding noise as it hydraulically shifts and tears up the gear set. We have a complete Mori Seiki SL-6 / SL-7 headstock gear set that will make your machine purr again.

Interested in purchasing all, Please inquire for a super bulk deal.

F64001A Spindle Drive Flange
G51006 Pin Wheel With Pin
G51007 Geneva Gear for Turret
G61017 Shaft Pulley for TL-3
G26007 Brass Gear
MZS-4A Zero Sensor
N83007A Turret Shaft Nut
R10018 Turret Shaft
R30010 Piston Rod
R31001 Piston
R32014 Lock Pin
R50007A Turrent Coolant Pipe